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group coaching intensive

There is one thing between you and everything you want right now - you! 


And YOU are your absolute, greatest asset. 

6 weeks. 6 participants. hot seat coaching. one focus: YOU & your coaching practice

All details on program below.

Feel the call? Just hit this button to request to join the next available cohort.

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Is this you?

  • Have you recently become a certified coach or are in the early stages of building your coaching practice?

  • Do you have big visions and dreams for your practice?

  • Would you like to increase your number of paying clients?

  • Could you use a mentoring space to bring your questions to and have them answered? Surrounded by inspiring peers?

Yes? Great, read on!

How it works

Format -

This is a group coaching cohort. I’ll be teaching, coaching, mentoring. But let’s be clear, YOU will be the one doing the work. With no action, nothing happens!


I will NOT be sharing a one size fits all model. I don't believe in that. What worked for me may not work for you.


We’ll be crafting something that is unique to you. Unique to your lifestyle, your clients, your method of coaching, your personality. There is no set curriculum. We play and coach around what you most need (from social media strategy/ your “menu” of services/ how to find and enrol clients/ what to include on your website/ how to price your services etc).

Tools we’ll be using -

  • YOU. You are your very best asset

  • Your creativity, this is where your magic lies. I’ll be drawing this out of you

  • Expect hot seat coaching! 

  • Plenty of Q&As


Frequency -

Next start date: February 2024 SOLD OUT

(Next one starting end March 2024)

Over 6 weeks, we meet once a week for 75mins

A range of times to accommodate all time zones. We'll set these together.

(The calls are recorded and sent to you if you cannot make it live.)

A maximum of 6 participants.

Price -

1050$ for the full 6 weeks.

Feel the call? Just hit this button to request to join the next available cohort.


Hello, I'm Lucy

I see your light and shine it back at you.


The way to build anything in life is to truly understand what makes you, YOU. Building a business around this concept is no different. 


I graduated from Jay Shetty Coaching School in 2021. Before that, my background was building businesses for others. I hold a Masters in Business & Marketing, and for 12 years, I worked alongside the world’s biggest brands to bring their creative visions to life through all aspects of their marketing (from PR, events, partnerships, digital, influencer strategy...). 


What most people don't know is that behind my shiny professional achievements, lay a purposeless, exhausted, over-giving Lucy. I got so good at executing others' visions, that I forgot about my own. If I even  knew what that was! So I left everything, with no further directions on where to go. In the space I found my vision, my identity, my creativity, my outrageous dreams and have gone after those ever since.


Now I help my clients do the same.

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Reach out to me. I love a hello and will answer any queries you have!

previous testimonials

Lucy brought a warm and safe presence to the room that I don't feel from many other people. She has a gift for understanding, gracefully challenging, and enabling transformation. Through this program, Lucy created an incredible space that was ripe for learning, connections, and incredible insights.

As a result of working with Lucy, she helped pull out elements of my story that make me uniquely me, which have translated to me being able to more powerfully connect with others. I also feel more equipped and confident to create clients in a way that feels authentic (rather than manipulative).


Lastly, Lucy offered SO many powerful ways to look at life, coaching, and business - they've helped me reconnect to this big mission I'm on and instill a greater sense of knowing what needs to be done.

- Max Okazaki

My time with Lucy is something I will always cherish, she invited me into a warm safe space that gave me the peace to share honestly and vulnerably. Her gentle yet progressive approach lead to insights and discoveries in my own journey that I had previously overlooked. Taking time for the opportunity to grow is imperative in my eyes and Lucy is an incredible facilitator for this. Highly recommend, you will only gain from the experience.

 - Jeremy Batiste

I had the most beautiful experience being coached by Lucy within a group setting. It was my first time being coached within a group, so I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that Lucy had an incredible energy about her. I had connected with her weeks prior and had such a meaningful conversation. When the opportunity to actually be coached by her presented itself, I jumped at it. And I would do it time and time again. Lucy creates such a safe space for you to be true to yourself, embrace vulnerability, and safely express yourself. She has such a unique power not only as a coach, but as a human being. She’s not kidding with her mantra that she sees your light and shines it at you.

I learned so much during my few weeks with her. Not only about coaching. But about how to carry on and live my life in a way that feels most authentic to me. She also provided so many incredible resources anytime she felt compelled to. Some are now aiding my journey greatly.

Lucy is one of the best coaches I’ve been around and have worked with. Thank you so much for your love and light, Lucy. You’re a special human and a gift to this world. I’m eternally grateful and can’t wait to continue to watch all the incredible things you go on to do!

- Kevin Castillo

Image by Fakurian Design


If you're curious if this is the right program for you or simply have a question, drop me a message. I love a hello.

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