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I'm Lucy. I'm British, was born in Italy, grew up in Paris and speak Arabic. I play music. I helped to define the meaning of an "influencer", at a time no one even knew what it was. I see people's light and shine it back at them. But there's also a whole lot more to me than this. Intrigued? Read on.

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my story

Home is currently in London, but I was born in Italy to British parents and raised in Paris. I’ve lived here and there and as a result can’t really answer the question “where are you from?”. 


I know a thing or two about trying to blend into an environment. Although my mother tongue is English, I learned Italian in school as a 3 year old because there was no other way of being understood. I did it again when I moved to France 2 years later. By simply wanting to keep up, by the time I was 7, I had learned to finish my work at a much faster pace than my peers. So I was bored, and that's how I learnt to dream. I was eventually asked by my teacher to jump a school year. By wanting to simply fit in I accidentally learned to stand out. All my life choices since have followed this pattern. From my Faith, to my travels, to my decisions to leave relationships, places and jobs. I was simply following my dreams, always believing “there must be another way.”


By wanting to prove myself, overachieving became my identity. I was good at it, the cost being I got very skilled at concealing what was truly going on inside, shutting people out and wearing mask upon mask. "Don’t let them in." I spent most of my life hiding. And being emotionally unreachable. This eventually took its toll, creating a void inside me, leading me to disconnect with parts of my identity, feeling purpose-less, empty, like there should be something more to life. My romantic relationships especially, suffered greatly.


By learning to dim my light, I got really good at seeing the light of others. Amongst my closest peers, I’m known as a calming presence, a trusted thinking partner with a non judgmental approach, a deep listener with a light energy. I encourage my loved ones to find their voice, take risks, dare to be courageous and go after their dreams. I see their light, shining it back at them, and I’ll always be the first one to cheer them on!


Now I do that with my clients too. Truly understanding my zone of genius came through years of work whilst on my professional journey. More on that below.

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professional journey


I hold a Masters in Business & Marketing, finishing as the top student of all the graduates of that year.


For 12 years, I worked alongside the world’s biggest brands to bring their creative visions to life through all aspects of their marketing (from PR, events, partnerships, digital, influencer strategy...).


I was a founding team member of one of the very first influencer marketing start ups in the world, leading a team across 6 different markets. In under 2 years, we went from an idea to an international business with proprietary tech, working with brands like Chanel, Estée Lauder, MAC, The Kooples, Vivienne Westwood, Vans. 


My path has lead me to work in advertising, crafting global marketing campaigns for brands in the travel space such as One&Only, British Airways or The Peninsula. I've also worked as a hospitality consultant, opening restaurants in London, bringing branding visions to life and holding events. All during the hardest possible time for that industry - during Covid! A challenge, to say the least.


What most people don't know is that behind all these shiny professional achievements, lay a purposeless, exhausted, over-giving Lucy. I got so good at executing others' visions, that I forgot about my own. If I even  knew what that was! So I left everything, with no further directions on where to go. In the space I found my vision, my identity, my creativity, my outrageous dreams and have gone after those ever since.

Now I help my clients do the same.

There’s more of my professional journey on my LinkedIn.

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over to you

And that’s just one side of me. A few lines of copy on a webpage. There is so much more to me, as there is to you. I want to get to know you.

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