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words of appreciation

"As my coach, Lucy is truly a guiding light, and she provides a safe space in which both growth and self-betterment are made a priority. Through the powerful tool of communication, I am grateful for the many hours we have already spent navigating the endless waters and wonders of the mind.

Lucy instinctively asks the very questions that will lead to the deepest meaningful reflections. She also has the somewhat magical power of perceiving and pinpointing what makes each individual unique, and helps them turn their biggest struggles into their greatest strengths, allowing them to excel and to shine.
She has helped me bloom into the person I currently am and inspires me to be the best version of myself on a daily basis."

Alexandra, Pilates Studio Founder

"Thank you for creating an environment of mutual trust in which I feel like I can always open up. It feels comforting to know I have a space I can freely run through what’s going through my busy mind. The growth that’s occurred from this has been huge for me."


Adrian, Musician

"In my 39 years there were some questions I had never even asked myself. In such a short time together she was able to lead me to reflections that literally shifted everything for me. She also has this ability to go straight to the point and call you out, yet do it in such a compassionate way."


Romain, Founder & CEO

"Working together with Lucy over the past year has been a process of co-creating the reality I want to live in. Attentively and with compassion, Lucy meets me where I am, supporting, empowering, and with genuine care for my wellbeing.


There is never a rush to get somewhere, rather a reminder to be present with what is true in the moment, an invaluable foundation for this process. There are times when I don’t even realize that I might be cheating myself out of addressing the issues I am working through. Here, Lucy is incredible at being direct and gently calling me out and inviting me back into the moment, to check in with my body, ground, and see what is truly needed.


The underlying feelings throughout our journey together have always been that I am safe, that there is no judgement, and that you believe in me and see the potential for all I have to offer, often more then I am used to seeing it myself. You’ve encouraged me to get creative with how I build my life, to own myself fully, and to challenge myself to grow in the areas where it is much needed. I am so grateful to get to work with you, Lucy!"

Lior, Life Explorer & Coach

"I met Lucy some time last year through a mutual friend and at the time I didn't know anything about her professional career and what she did. What struck me with her and something that I still find invaluable, many months later, is that she is one of the few people I have met that made me feel, not only that she was listening to me but that he was also hearing what I was saying.


Feeling understood was one of the drivers that led me to work with her later and until now. Many life coaches that I've met and worked with in the past seem to want to find the answer for you or make it as though they have the solutions to your situations. The work that we do with Lucy throughout our sessions has been about me finding my own answers and she merely guides, with admirable ease and precision, the thoughts and words that might bring me to my own answers.

I'm incredibly grateful for what our sessions have done for me both professionally and personally and I could only recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow and better themselves and maybe just doesn't know how to yet."

Tangi, Account Director

"Lucy and I worked together mainly on confidence and self-esteem, but we ended up covering so much more. I came out feeling empowered and she really has this ability to put you back in the center of your own decisions and life. She created a space that helped me to hear myself, put an end to my stories and put things into perspective. Lucy, you’re an amazing person and coach. Thank you."

Esengul, Creative Freelance

"I initially worked with Lucy for a consulting strategy session for my brand new business as I needed some guidance and clarity on the branding, messaging, website etc. Those three hours spent together turned out to be so instrumental that I ended up hiring her as my personal (and professional!) coach. So glad I did, she’s definitely part of my success and lovingly pushes me every day to be my best."


Alia, Founder of Creative Agency

"Lucy has a natural ability to coach, without you realising you are being coached at all. She operates without judgment and creates a gentle, soothing environment that supports you to open up and see yourself and your world with greater clarity.


To me, she carries out her coaching with an identity based approach, which helps you strengthen your sense of self to make choices and move through the world in a way that feels true to you and that empowers you." 

Sophia, Senior Strategist

"I've worked with Lucy for four months, and she's been an instrumental part of my coaching and healing plan after being lost and despondent. She has a great sense of humour and is always willing to listen and learn. Her understanding of the corporate world, life and what really matters has helped me recover, progress and find my bearings. I should add that she's always polite, listens and isn't afraid of saying the truth - in a positive way. In sum, Lucy has made a tremendous difference to my life with her encouragement and manageable steps forward.

A simple thank you."

Dave, University Head of Department

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