mindset coach 

There is one thing between you and everything you want right now. You.


Hello! I'm Lucy, a coach and consultant to big dreamers and curious leaders. I see in you what you don’t yet see for yourself. I provide a safe space in which to untangle your thoughts and explore your mind, helping you to seek clarity on what you most need - so you can get out your own way and achieve your wildest desires.


Together, we'll build new habits which will allow you to grow and thrive. But first, we'll explore your inner world and unique mind.

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your map of the world. 

your beliefs.  

your potential.  

your perspectives. 

your behaviours.   

your blind spots.  

your patterns. 

How would it feel to free up your mind to seek clarity on what's truly important to you?


It's the process of looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection of things within you, that you didn’t even know were there.

My role as a coach is to provide a safe space, allowing us both to explore and untangle your thoughts. We'll be making everything clearer, by seeking powerful insights leading to impactful shifts in perspective.

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Our first conversation is always on me. It’s a way to get to know each other, to see if we’re the right fit for one another. 

words of appreciation

Lucy has the somewhat magical power of perceiving and pinpointing what makes each individual unique, and helps them turn their biggest struggles into their greatest strengths, allowing them to excel and to shine.


Alexandra, Head of Operations